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As a tradition geared towards facilitating scientific discussion, ICIAP (International Conference on Intervention and Applied Psychology) and UIPSUR (Universitas Indonesia International Psychology Symposium for Undergraduate Research) are scientific conferences that was started in 2016 by the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia. ICIAP is an annual celebration of inspiring ideas and practices in applied psychology. This event brings together graduate students, academics, researchers, and policy makers from Asian and neighboring countries across the spectrum of applied psychology. On the other hand, UIPSUR is an annual research conference for undergraduate students to showcase their projects to the research community and beyond. In this event, students would specifically be encouraged to exercise their presentation skills as well as to broaden their knowledge about their academic interests. This year, ICIAP and UIPSUR will be held as a joint conference to enable intergenerational conversation on the topic, “Psychology for Synergizing Human, Environment, and Smart Technology.”

The topic is chosen because applied psychologist and practitioners are experiencing increasing pressure to face Industry 4.0, where human is challenged with the use of smart technology in all areas of life. Smart technology solved many human problems but, in another way, created different kinds of human and environment problems. This increasingly widespread societal problems seem to be growing faster than the solutions offered by behavioral sciences in general and applied psychology in particular. The event is intended to foster exchange ideas, practices and scientific discussion to address those kinds of challenges through showcasing findings on individual, group and state interventions. It is can also be a valuable opportunity for them to collaborate in the future.

To be able to attain that goal, ICIAP and UIPSUR have several activities, such as seminars by keynote speakers that have experience as a scientist or practitioner in developing human and environment through technology. Additionally, there are oral and poster presentations by students and academicians, also workshops to show how psychology concepts can be used to face the challenges that have arisen because of the advancement of technology. The committee hopes that this conference can be a step towards planning how to successfully synergize humans, environment, and technology.


The conference will feature various workshops prepared by practitioners and academicians on how to apply psychology science in the digital world. Practitioners, academicians, and those who are interested in the topic can enter this workshop. The workshops are divided into two sessions: a morning and afternoon session. Each workshop can accept 20 participants and will be going for around 3 – 6 hours.

Proceeding: Presented study will be invited for a review process aiming for publication in the conference proceeding. Selected study papers will be published in a conference proceeding by Atlantis Press Publisher. Please click here for information about paper guideline.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 15th, 2019
Second Batch Abstract Submission Deadline: September 15th, 2019
Early Bird Payment Deadline: September 29th, 2019
Regular Payment Deadline: October 16th, 2019
Notification of acceptance: September 2nd, 2019
Second Batch Notification of acceptance: October 1st, 2019
Full Paper for Proceeding and Book Chapter Selection Deadline: November 1st, 2019
Notification of Full Paper Acceptance: December 16th, 2019
Event: October 25th – 26th, 2019

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We invite submissions on the following topics, but not limited to:

  • Mental Health intervention in modern life
  • Parenting and Family facing smart technology
  • Industrial and organizational psychology in Revolution 4.0
  • Smart technology and education
  • ICT and assistive technology for person with disability
  • The effects of smart technology on social behavior
  • Computer assisted psychological tests


Oral and Poster Presentation

The oral presentation will be given by about 150 participants that consists of undergraduate and graduate students, practitioners, and academicians that study social sciences, especially psychology. Every participant will have 10 minutes to present their material using powerpoint slides, with a subsequent 5 minutes Q & A session.

Around 30 undergraduate and graduate students, practitioners and academicians will showcase their posters related to the conference topic. Every participant that is selected for this session would be required to prepare an A2-sized poster beforehand. Presenters would also be asked to standby near their posters on the allotted time so they can answer questions from other participants.

Participants that presents their studies through both oral and poster presentation have the same chance to be selected for publication in the form of a conference proceeding. Selected papers from ICIAP can be published in an international proceeding, with Atlantis Press as the planned publisher. Furthermore, selected papers from UIPSUR would have the opportunity to be published as a book chapter, with Nova Science Publisher as the planned publisher.

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